Battery Indicator HT-DLB Series

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Round battery discharge indicator

Display: 10-bar LED indicates the battery state of charge.

Max Pins: 4; 3/16”

Mounting: U-shape bracket

Lens Material: Glass

Case Material: ABS (Black)

Bezel Material: Al. Anodzd black

Panel Cutout (mm/in): Φ52mm/Φ2-1/16"

Operating Temperature: -40 to +85

Storage Temperature: -50 to +90

Humidity: 95% RH (Non Condensing) at 38

Operating voltage: 24V; 36V; 48V; 72V; 80V.

Battery indicating range can be customized made(e.g. 2.04Vpc at full, 1.73Vpc at empty).

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 10-digit tir-color LED or single-color LED, CE certificated.



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